Anna Nicole Treated Howard "Like a Mosquito"

2/12/2007 10:00 AM PST

Anna Nicole Treated Howard "Like a Mosquito"

Despite being attached to Anna Nicole Smith's hip for years, Howard K. Stern didn't reap much regard from her in the days before her death.

According to a New York boxing promoter cited by the New York Daily News, Smith dissed Stern at a boxing match in Florida last month. "She ignored him," said promoter and radio host Aaron Braunstein. "She treated him like a little bug. Like a mosquito." Stern claims to be the father of Anna Nicole's daughter Dannielynn.

Meanwhile, the kind of toxic buffet that TMZ uncovered in her refrigerator yesterday put some crazy ideas into Anna Nicole's head, says her aunt. "She woke me at 3:00 AM one day saying she'd seen demons having orgies in the sky," said her aunt Elaine, as quoted in the Daily News. "You think I'm crazy," said Anna Nicole – but her aunt just said that "she wasn't on the same drugs as [Anna Nicole]."

TMZ is all over the Anna Nicole case -- and will have updates throughout the day.

Justin Just Can't Do It

Justin Timberlake's hard-charging Friday night might have cost him one of music's most exclusive gigs – performing at producing legend Clive Davis' pre-Grammy bash on Saturday. JT had to beg off doing Davis' party, claiming a "103 degree temperature," but a Page Six spy in the crowd thought otherwise: "He didn't look so sick to me when he was out partying at five this morning." FOX News says that JT actually made it to the sound check but just couldn't bring his pipes back for another night. Smokey Robinson filled in for Timberlake, singing "My Girl," and Whitney Houston made (yet another) "triumphal" return to the public eye at Davis' party, though no word on whether she can still sing.

Puffy Tells T.R. – Butt Out!

Speaking of Timberlake's Friday night blowout at Avalon, it seems that T.R. Knight got the diss from yet another famously volatile black man – P. Diddy. The rapper-mogul showed up, as usual, to the party "very, very late," according to Page Six, and the "Grey's Anatomy" cast was clustered in the VIP area. This did not please Puffy, and thus a bodyguard was reportedly dispatched to remove T.R. – and castmates Kate Walsh and Sara Ramirez – to another table. Combs and Knight had to exchange words before Knight and pals moved to another table – but Combs didn't even know who Knight was. A Combs rep says that there wasn't a tiff and that it was Diddy's bodyguard who moved them.

Party Favors: Larry King Runs After Wife (or Tries To) ... Tara Reid to Joe Francis: Go Away ... "Norbit" Opens Huge

74-year-old Larry King and his seventh wife, 47-year-old Shawn Southwick had a tiff the other day over breakfast at a Beverly Hills eatery, and when she stormed out, King tried to run after her, says Star. King's friends were able to grab him (before he injured himself, presumably), and forced him to finish his breakfast. "It was a spectacle," says a source. ... Tara Reid no longer wants to be Joe Francis' friend, after Francis called her "the worst lay" that he's ever had. The scarred starlet was approached at a party over the weekend by Francis, but she turned to him and said, "Get away from me! Never talk to me again!" ... Was there really nothing else to do this weekend? Eddie Murphy's widely panned "Norbit" made an unbelievable $33 million at the box office, while "Hannibal Rising" finished a distant second with $13 million.

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