Stern: Anna Didn't Want to Be Worm Food

2/20/2007 2:32 PM PST

Stern: Anna Didn't Want to Be Worm Food

Howard K. Stern just told the court that Anna Nicole wanted him to look into how secure cemetery ground plots were in the Bahamas because she and son Daniel were "afraid of bugs" and their getting into Daniel's coffin -- and one that she might have occupied.

There were no mausoleums available at the Lake View cemetery in Nassau for more than two people, explained Stern, so Anna Nicole directed him to look into ground plots that would hold more people. Stern repeatedly said that Anna Nicole talked about "where we would be buried."

Stern also said that Daniel didn't wear a suit in his coffin, and that Anna Nicole "wanted to crawl" into the coffin with Daniel at his funeral.

The court is in recess for lunch until 2:30 EST.