Anna Nicole's Body to Dannielynn's Guardian

2/22/2007 5:47 PM PST

Anna Nicole's Body to Dannielynn's Guardian

With tears in his eyes and his voice quivering, Judge Larry Seidlin has ruled that the disposition of Anna Nicole's body will be determined by Richard Milstein, the guardian ad litem of Dannielynn Stern, in consultation with the three parties.

He strongly recommended that Anna Nicole be buried "next to her son." The guardian will make the decision as to the final resting place of Anna.

All three parties were in tears, and Seidlin himself had to hold the hand of a court clerk to steady himself as he rendered the judgment.

A guardian ad litem is a person appointed by the court as the guardian of an infant or person. Milstein will now work with all three parties to determine the burial of Anna Nicole, on behalf of her next of kin survivor, Dannielynn.