All Signs Point to Jake

3/1/2007 12:15 PM PST

All Signs Point to Jake

The stars were aligned toward lower Manhattan, at least last night, as TMZ cameras caught luminaries of the new David Fincher film "Zodiac" assembling in formation at the Tribeca Grand Hotel.

Jake Gyllenhaal (Sagittarius) emerged, warmly greeting a man with an earpiece in the chilly New York night, while the ever-gracious Mark Ruffalo (Scorpio) obliged photogs with a number of different positions.

Not so with Tim Robbins (Libra), who snuck his way into the party, though the lovely Elizabeth Berkley (Leo, and looking very far removed from her "Showgirls" days) and Petra Nemcova (Cancer) gave good pose. Rocker Rob Thomas (Aquarius) arrived with his wife Marisol.

Universes collided when Willem Dafoe (Cancer) met TMZ's own Willem (DeVries) -- but as far we can tell, the planet is still safely in orbit after this edition of Star Catcher.