The Governator Chows Down

3/2/2007 1:18 PM PST

The Governator Chows Down

Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger and toothy first lady Maria hit up Hollywood hotspot Mr.Chow on Thursday night, along with a bunch of other struggling actors. Arnie had his usual smile, Maria -- not so much.

Also out on the town were starlets Angie Everhart, Selma Blair, foxy "Full Houser" Lori Loughlin, Bai Ling, and racing vixen Devon Aoki. Also spotted: hunky Taye Diggs and Chris "Mango" Kattan.

Our man in Manhattan caught Tara Reid looking shocking -- shockingly demure, that is, at a party celebrating Reebok's 25th anniversary. She was joined at the bash by Britney's new confidante Brooke Shields, Cybill Shepherd, and we got a sweet shout-out from MTV's luminous Susie Castillo.

All this and much more in this gubernatorial edition of Star Catcher!