Hottest Videos Week of 03/04

3/10/2007 5:02 AM PST

Hottest Videos -- Week of 03/04

Wow, Kellie Pickler looks, uh ... different. Even Simon Cowell thinks so. See what he said to "EXTRA" about Kellie's new look.

Joel Madden's violent distaste for photogs may get the rocker in trouble with the Beverly Hills Police Department. Check out the video of Madden's Sean Penn attitude toward the paparazzi.

Hey, just because your were on "Survivor" doesn't mean you can get all "Lord of the Flies" on the cops. Someone should have told Alex Angarita that. Check out his exit from the court.
Christina Aguilera has some hardcore handlers. Check it out as one of her posse lays down the law for paparazzi in front of Hyde.