Hilton & Cuthbert: Shop U.

3/12/2007 2:12 PM PDT

Hilton & Cuthbert: Shop U.

Move over Kim Kardashian, Caroline D'Amore and Nicole Richie, because Paris Hilton has a new BFF tutee -- Elisha Cuthbert.

Paris schooled Elisha on how to shop like an heiress, as the two hit up one of her favorite fashion institutions, trendy Sielian's Vintage Apparel on Saturday. The boutiquing blonde babes rummaged through every nook and cranny of the shop's stylish racks, with Paris picking up 20 vintage dresses, 12 purses, 12 necklaces and 12 vintage scarves, clearly preferring to buy by the dozen. Phew! Luckily, Professor Hilton left something for Elisha to study, as the former "24" star managed to find some super-cute 60s hats.

Paris spent the day educating Elisha on all her favorite L.A. retail haunts, and was overheard telling a Sielian's employee, "You're the only place I took Elisha for great vintage!" Quite an endorsement coming from a girl who majored in International Mall Relations with a minor in Fitting Room Science.

Later on teacher and student hit trendy Petro Zillia on West 3rd Street, where Aly Scott of StyleChic tells us staff shut the store down for Paris and Elisha. Class dismissed!