Jessica: I Want to Adopt!

3/14/2007 9:00 AM PDT

Jessica: I Want to Adopt!

Jessica Simpson is doing her best Angelina Jolie by confessing that she wants babies – she just doesn't want to make one herself, yet.

So what's getting Jessica in the mothering mood? Her dogs, at least according to the New York Post's Cindy Adams. But the pop princess, whose been cavorting all over America with boyfriend John Mayer, isn't quite ready to pump out little Jesses. She's going to get herself, as Adams puts it so delicately, "another designer kid."

Lane Garrison to Plead Guilty to "Some Charges"

"Prison Break" actor Lane Garrison says he will "live with a sense of guilt" for the rest of his life, and his lawyer Harland Braun tells People that Garrison plans to plead guilty to "some charges" and that he "accepts responsibility" for what he's done.

As TMZ first reported, the charges Garrison will face are felony vehicular manslaughter and three other lesser charges, including "driving under the influence causing injury to multiple victims." The charges stem from an incident Dec. 2 in which Garrison crashed his Land Rover into a tree in Beverly Hills, killing 17-year-old Vahagn Setian and injuring two young women.

Judge to OJ: No Book Money for You

OJ Simpson won't get a penny from the sale – future or otherwise – of the book in which he explains how he might've killed ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and friend Ron Goldman. A judge in L.A. County Superior Court ordered the auction of the rights to "If I Did It," even though the book and a TV interview connected to it were never released, and stipulated that any profits would go to the Goldman family. "This is a guarantee that if they ever publish this thing, Mr. Simpson won't see a dime from it," says Goldman attorney Jonathan Polak.

Party Favors: King Meets Pope ... Tori Spelling Has Boy ... Jake Gyllenhaal – Captain Marvel?

Boxing impresario Don King tells Page Six that he will have an audience with Pope Benedict XVI on March 21 at the Vatican, even though he's a Baptist, not a Catholic. The meeting was arranged by an Italian fighter promoted by King. ... Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott had a baby boy, Liam Aaron, who was delivered yesterday in LA. "Everyone is happy and healthy," says a source to Us. Grandma Candy was there too. ... Jake Gyllenhaal is taking on the role of Captain Marvel, say Rush & Molloy, even though rumors have swirled that Jake will take over the role of Spider-Man from Tobey Maguire.