"Lost" Diary -- Par Avion

3/15/2007 1:20 PM PDT

"Lost" Diary -- Par Avion

Hey, it's Daniel from TMZ here, back with another edition of the "Lost" Diary.

Sorry about the late start today; issues. Let's skip the preamble this week, shall we?

For all you "Lost" Diary newbies, here's how it goes. I gather with a group of friends watching "Lost," writing what happens on the show as it happens, and throwing in my two cents along the way. This week I am with the usual crew of Ari, Lauren, Matt and April. Let's roll:

10:00 -- The "previously on 'Lost'" just reminded us that Charlie is going to die. My birthday is one month from tonight, so if ABC was thinking of getting me an early birthday present, that would certainly be it.

10:01 -- It's quite an uplifting beginning start to the show as Claire's flashback shows her mom seemingly dead from a car accident. Promos for this week (I tried to avoid them, and failed) say that we'll learn a connection between two Losties. Claire will apparently be one of them.

10:02 -- Charlie was saying something to Claire about breakfast on the beach -- but I was blinded with rage, so I didn't catch the details.
10:03 -- "No, I like dogs." -- Locke. Nice to see Locke still has a pair. I was beginning to wonder.

10:04 -- Desmond interrupts Charlie and Claire, presumably to try and save Charlie's life -- which, of course, won't win Desmond any points with me. Oh, and according to Claire, a flock of birds is apparently the key to getting everyone off the island. Why didn't anyone think of it sooner?

10:08 -- While Claire is explaining "The Bird Plan," it finally dawns on Charlie why Desmond wants him to go hunting. Any chance Desmond is trying to lure Charlie into the woods to shoot him? Any at all?

10:10 -- I have nothing interesting to say about the scene with Claire and the cop, except to say I don't like her with dark hair.

10:11 -- Do you think Rousseau knows any jokes? Or ever laughs? She's just a non-stop downer. Lighten up, Frenchy!

10:12 -- OK, if this scene between Mikhail and the Losties didn't have you holding your breath the entire time, then you obviously do not need oxygen to live. Where do I begin? First of all, I love that Mikhail mentioned "the list" (Mr. Friendly mentioned it earlier in the season -- fascinating concept to me) and the people who weren't on it were "bad" in some way. Secondly, he almost told everyone that Locke was paralyzed, and it would have been great to see everyone's reaction. Third, Mikhail mentioned "him" again and we learned more about how the hatch explosion messed with the Others. This scene was a definite TiVo Moment.

10:15 -- The Others have some kind of electric fence surrounding their compound. I am sure Sayid and Locke can figure out a way around that.

10:20 -- Claire's mom is in bad shape, blah, blah, blah. But don't you recognize Claire's Aunt Lindsey as the woman Jack's dad went to go see in Australia in Ana Lucia's flashback last year? I guess we're going to learn what we already knew -- Claire and Jack are half-siblings.

10:21 -- Hospital expenses taken care of? Yup, too easy.

10:22 -- "I've been asked to keep that confidential." -- The Doc. "Linderman?" Ari asks.

10:23 -- Desmond ruined Claire's "Bird Plan." On purpose, perhaps?

10:25 -- Mikhail, with a little help from Locke, shows us what happens when you cross through the security system. Lesson learned.

10:30 -- "You never know when a little C-4 might come in handy." -- Locke. Sayid is giving him shit for it, but Locke is right -- some C-4 seems pretty good right about now.

10:31 -- Charlie and Claire are arguing because Charlie didn't support her "Bird Plan." Obviously I am on Claire's side and I think she should stab in the gut to teach him a lesson. Please.

10:33 -- Welcome back, Mr. Shephard.

10:35 -- "I'm your father, Claire." -- Christian Shephard. I'll take "Things We Already Knew" for $200 please, Alex. Lauren thinks "it's a bit much" that Claire and Jack are half-siblings. Matt says it's better than watching a VW van drive around in circles. So noted.

10:39 -- Locke is cutting down trees to make a plank for them to use to walk over the security fence. Random fact: I always watch The Great Outdoor Games when they're on ESPN. Thought you might want to know.

10:40 -- Kate makes it safely over the fence. While I do believe that any character on this show could be killed off at any time, does anyone really think that an electric fence is going to be what does anyone in?

10:41 -- Red rover, red rover, send Locke right over.

10:42 -- Claire's dad found out about the accident because a doctor friend of his in Sydney told him. Um, what? Do you think Christian told his doctor friend, "Hey if the mother of my illegitimate child should ever get hit by a car, you know where to find me"?

10:43 -- Hey long last dad, good to see you. What's that? You want to kill my brain dead mom? Sounds good.

10:45 -- Claire confronts Desmond about the birds and the "seeing the future" thing and Desmond explains how Charlie would have broken his neck after getting pounded into the rocks by the ocean if he had tried to help Claire find the birds. I would have been totally fine with that.

10:52 -- Last round of Claire flashbacks. Her hair is blonde again and she's pregnant now, so we have to figure a lot of time has passed and her mom is still on life support.

10:54 -- Apparently Claire has been keeping her mom alive because she thinks the accident is her fault and that she said some nasty things to her mom right before she died. Minor observation: Claire wished her mom would die and then she did. I'm just saying ...

10:56 -- A nice little montage as Charlie reads the letter they are sending with the bird. Too bad Charlie was the one reading it.

10:57 -- Claire releases the bird to fly away and, presumably, take the message to civilization. Wouldn't it be hysterical if that is how they get off the island. Any by "hysterical," I mean completely stupid. But, I wouldn't be surprised if that note surfaces again at some point.

10:58 -- "We're here." -- Sayid.

10:59 -- Jack is playing catch with Mr. Friendly. NOW THAT IS HOW YOU END AN EPISODE OF "LOST."

So what did we learn this week? Jack and Claire are half-siblings ... The Others can leave the island, but they can't come back ... The list does seem to separate the good from the bad ... There is a "him" and it's not Ben ... ABC is going to dangle Charlie's death in front of me like a carrot. Just kill him already so we can all move on.

Last week I mused on the lack of TiVo Moments in "Lost" lately. I think this week gave us 1.5 moments: the entire conversation with Mikhail definitely warranted re-watching and seeing Jack playing catch definitely made everyone yell. You had to see it coming -- Jack getting comfy with The Others -- because he's "on the list." Didn't matter though; it was still a great ending. (Ed.'s note: Jack was on Ms. Clugh's list, but not Jacob's list -- so, as usual, I could be wrong.)

I give this episode a solid B+. The scene with Mikhail and the Jack scene at the end were amazing -- exactly why I watch "Lost." It also had a great balance between mystery and hope -- two of "Lost's" most predominant themes. What also made this episode so good is that it ended leaving you DYING for more, yet I didn't feel cheated by it. Simply amazing.

So here is my question to you this week: If you had even the slightest doubt that "Lost" wasn't good anymore, did this episode restore your faith? You know my answer. Again, sorry I was late this week. If you ever don't see the diary here, check out my stite: www.thelostdiary.com. See you next week.