Two Anna Nicole Judges Trade Places

3/28/2007 12:12 PM PDT

Two Anna Nicole Judges Trade Places

The two Florida judges who decided Anna issues, including DNA testing and burial, have been given the ol' switcheroo.

Judge Larry Seidlin and Judge Larry Korda have both been reassigned. Judge Seidlin, who served as a probate judge, will move to the family law division. Judge Korda, who was in the family law division, will move to the probate court.

Did they get the boot? The Chief Judge of the Broward court sent an e-mail to all the judges, thanking Seidlin and Korda for "volunteering" to make the switch "during these difficult times."

Korda may be well-suited to handle the affairs of the dead. It's a mellow kind of assignment -- perfect for the judge who was busted earlier this month after allegedly smoking a doobie at a public park at two in the afternoon.