Sienna's Buddies Take Out Photog

4/2/2007 1:03 PM PDT

Sienna's Buddies Take Out Photog

Sienna Miller's friends took on the paparazzi last night -- trying to stop them from snapping the actress after she hung out with Diddy.

While Diddy was overly friendly and fan-obliging as he exited a London club last night, Sienna tried making a stealthy escape just minutes later -- possibly spacing her exit in the hope that paparazzi would follow the hip-hop mogul and not her. Nice try!

Two members of Miller's posse got fed up with one of the snapping paps and pushed him off the sidewalk, taunting him as Sienna was whisked past the scuffle. One of Sienna's entourage then tried to trip the photog as he ran to catch up with her, keeping him from getting a face shot as Sienna ran into The Soho Hotel.

Leslie Sloane, Miller's rep, tells TMZ, "It is unfair that the press isn't courteous in giving her her space. It's getting uncomfortable for people to walk and London's a walking city."