Lohan Befuddles Interviewer via Blackberry

4/3/2007 12:23 PM PDT

Lohan Befuddles Interviewer via Blackberry

In the latest issue of GQ, cover girl Lindsay Lohan, looking smokin' hot in a black sparkly swimsuit, was interviewed electronically ("Because that's how the kids are communicating these days," the writer suggested), and the results were ... mixed.

When asked about playing poker, Lindsay thumbed via Blackberry, "I just emailed my friend sara pantera saying I'm going to start playing poker again! I bought two puppies today!" So much for lucidity.

Then the topic of cats came up, and Lindsay texted, "Cats scare me. I just think of bad luck from black ones like I had in 'Just My Luck'! I need a boyfriend. Geez." Clearly, her focus is limited to one line at a time.

And for the finale, interviewer Marshall Sella asked Lindsay what the happiest moment of her life was. She wrote back, "Gotta think sex scene today" and never wrote back again. Next time, try the phone!