Woman Shot in Face at CNN Headquarters

4/3/2007 4:00 PM PDT

Woman Shot in Face at CNN Headquarters

UPDATE: One of the shooting victims was pronounced dead on arrival at Grady Hospital, another is in extremely critical condition.

The CNN Center in Atlanta, Ga. was evacuated moments ago after a male gunman allegedly shot a woman in the face in a street-level lobby area, at approximately 1:30 PM EDT.

According to CNN, a witness saw the suspect dragging a woman by the hair minutes before the shooting.

A CNN producer says he witnessed the man shoot the woman twice in the atrium of the building, near the arena where the NCAA final game was played last night.

The suspect was then shot by a Turner Security officer and is currently being held at gunpoint by CNN Security and Atlanta Police. He is being treated by paramedics at the scene.

Police are saying this was a domestic altercation which led to gunshots. The woman and suspect are believed to be in critical condition, per CNN.

The shooting occured near the Omni Hotel, attached to the CNN Center.