Tara Reid's New Sidekick

4/16/2007 1:58 PM PDT

Tara Reid's New Sidekick

Tara "no-longer-a-trainwreck" Reid showed up at the T-Mobile party Friday night -- as a Nancy O'Dell doppelganger.

O'Dell may not be flattered by being compared with a woman who was once the meat in a rapper sandwich, but Tara was looking great as she posed for the paparazzi outside the Sidekick iD Launch party.

TMZ also spotted boobylicious Kim Kardashian hanging out with stepbrother Brody Jenner, who tried to distract photographers by yelling, "Oh my god, Paris Hilton coming out right now!" Nice trick, bro Bro.

Also out were "90210" turned "Dancing with the Stars" contestant Ian Ziering, Nikki Reed with her "pumpkin" DJ Qualls, Devon Aoki, whose brother DJed the party, and Taryn Manning, who screamed at our photog to warn him of an oncoming car -- thanks Taryn!