Murder Where Leo and Pam Live

4/19/2007 3:03 PM PDT

Murder Where Leo and Pam Live

A man was stabbed to death in the posh Las Vegas condo complex that Leo DiCaprio, Pam Anderson and Tobey Maguire all call home.

It happened last Friday night. Cops got a tip that chiropractor turned professional poker player William Gustafik was dead in his master bedroom. When they arrived, they found Gustafik's body with multiple stab wounds.

Gustafik's wife was arrested and is now the prime suspect in what cops call a possible "domestic homicide."

Gustafik raked in $165,000 in winnings from the nine professional tournaments he entered.

The condos have attracted a number of stars and are considered the most luxurious on the strip. But luxury isn't a buffer against a bad marriage.