Gummi Gets Bounced from Winston's!

5/9/2007 11:08 AM PDT

Gummi Gets Bounced from Winston's!

Maybe it's because he claims he's worth billions, maybe it's because he thinks he can do whatever he wants, maybe it's because he constantly flips off our cameras ...but for some reason, it's always fun to watch Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis get denied from a hot Hollywood nightclub. Poor Gummi.

Racking up his impressive THIRD velvet rope refusal, TMZ cameras rolled as the larger-than-life blonded-up oil heir was turned away from celebrity hotspot Winston's.

This is usually the part where we reference all the other D-listers burned by a bouncer -- but, none of them have ever pulled a tri-rejecta!

Congrats Gummi! You're in a league of your own! In fact, you're the whole league!