Gummi Bear Bummed -- Denied Again!

12/18/2006 4:20 PM PST

Gummi Bear Bummed -- Denied Again!

Jason Davis aka Gummi Bear, once again proves that it takes a billion dollars to not get into Hyde.

Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis' rotund brother was shown no love as he tried to beg and slur his way into the Hollywood hotspot on Friday... but door guards weren't having it.

The supersized billionheir, decked out in his nighttime sunglasses, whined to the club's patient doorman, "I'm the brother that's got the cash." Even his promise of purchasing "$100,000 worth of drinks" didn't buy the scion sibling admission to the trendy boite. He looks like he could drink it too.

After giving our cameraman the fat finger for capturing the entire sad event on video, Jason made a final effort to squeeze in by asking "What if I wait in line?" Hey, this guy is a line. But the door guy wouldn't budge, and told him he should call ahead next time, to which Jason whined that his brother "never calls ahead." Boo hoo Gummi Bear.

Eventually Jason threw in the towel and left. Perhaps he should consider staying home for a game night with Tara Reid, Chyna Doll and Shauna Sand. If they'll let him in.