Zeta Graff: Come on Paris!

5/19/2007 4:07 AM PDT

Zeta Graff: Come on Paris!

Zeta Graff doesn't care about Paris Hilton's DUI drama. The suing socialite is peeved that her own lawsuit against Hilton for defamation of character, that was set to start this week, will be postponed because Hilton is claiming that she is too "distraught and traumatized" by her impending prison sentence to handle another court case. Graff cited an US Weekly report of Hilton's weekend hijinks to strengthen her case. The article reported Paris out partying at Teddy's on Saturday, "chatting and laughing ... and appeared to be in a great mood."

"If Ms. Hilton was nightclubbing on Saturday night, she should not have been representing to the Court on Monday morning that she was unable to participate in the trial," stated Zeta Graff. "Ms. Hilton should be required to explain her actions and account for them. Under the law, even Ms. Hilton is supposed to be held responsible and accountable for her actions."

J.Lo in Court

J.Lo, say it ain't so! A federal judge is forcing Jennifer Lopez to answer questions about her role as executive producer of the now defunct TV show, "South Beach." Seems the writer Jack Bunick claims that Jenny from the Block stole the idea from him and is asking for $180,000 per aired episode of the show. J.Lo's lawyer Orin Snyder argued that she had minimal involvement in the development of the show, and that she's just, oh, too busy to deal with the court case. Bunick's lawyer, Sheldon Farber, responded to Lopez' claims that she was too busy to be bothered, saying, "I am unaware that one of the perks of fame is protection from the legal process."

Winehouse Weds

Less than a month after getting engaged, Amy Winehouse and on-again-off-again boyfriend Black Fielder-Civil married in a civil ceremony on Friday. The pair tied the knot in Miami at the Shore Club hotel in South Beach. Winehouse chose wisely in her marriage -- Fielder-Civil is a gofer for music videos, so all of her needs (onscreen at least) will be met. "I hope to be with him for the rest of my life," Winehouse told U.K. paper The Sun.

Party Favors...Heidi the new Jordache Girl...De Niro and Pacino Pair Up...

Nothing comes between Heidi and her Jordaches. Heidi Klum shot a new ad campaign for the jeans line this past week with "Rush Hour" director Brett Ratner behind the lens. ... Robert De Niro and Al Pacino will team up on screen for a new film about a serial killer. "Righteous Kill" begins filming this August, and will be the first time that the two Oscar winners will share more than a few scenes together.