LiLo's Dad: Arrest Could Be a Blessing

5/28/2007 10:19 AM PDT

LiLo's Dad: Arrest Could Be a Blessing

Michael Lohan is using Lindsay's weekend car crash and DUI arrest as an opportunity to once again encourage the starlet to get in touch with him. Daddy Lohan recently did time for driving under the influence, and didn't waste the opportunity to reach out to his daughter – via the media, of course – to send his hard-partying daughter a message.

He wants her to quit the partying, find God, and, hey, give Dear Old Dad a call.

"This could be a blessing. This could be the sign that gets her the help she needs," Lohan told the Daily News.

"I believe the people my daughter is hanging around with are the wrong people. Lindsay has to find hope in God and put her family first, not listen to what other people say, and listen to her heart."

Lohan hasn't seen his dauther in more than three years, and blames ex-wife and LiLo manager/party companion Dina Lohan for the rift, claiming she "built walls between Lindsay and me."