Rosie Riffs on LiLo

5/28/2007 9:49 AM PDT

Rosie Riffs on LiLo

No more "View" means no more talking about celebrity scandals, and Rosie O'Donnell couldn't be happier. Writing in her blog this weekend, Rosie expressed relief at not having to cover Lindsay Lohan's weekend DUI arrest around coffee and danish with her fellow "View" cohosts:

lindsay lohan
dui again
relief i dont have 2 discuss it
on Tuesday

O'Donnell then goes on to reassure fans that she'll be back, somehow, some way, and this time, it'll be without Hasselbeck, Behar or Babwa!

the ?s will b back soon
but no more view ones
as we all try to move on


Liev Schreiber Raises Eyebrows

Naomi Watts baby daddy Liev Schreiber has fashion and beauty tips for President Bush? The "Omen" star told Air America host Rachel Maddow he thinks that he could help the president "be cooler. I think he's working the alpha-male thing a little too hard, and I think his eyebrows are getting stuck ... so then, when he wants to switch to a light note, it's kind of hard, because the mouth goes, but the eyebrows don't. You don't trust someone whose eyebrows don't move in unison with their mouth."

Perhaps they should go to the salon together?

Cannes: Big Directors Biggest Losers

A Romanian film called "4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days" beat out a bunch of seasoned vets yesterday to win the coveted Palme d'Or award at the Cannes Film Festival. The cheery film, about 1980s communist Romania, beat out star directors Quentin Tarantino, Gus Van Sant, Wong Kar Wai and the Coen Brothers. C'est la vie! The French filmfest did award a special 60th Anniversary Prize to "My Own Private Idaho" director Gus Van Sant -- for his new film "Paranoid Park."

Party Favors...Lisa Ling Marries her McDreamy...Ciara Now Singer-Slash-Actress...

Oprah correspondent Lisa Ling married her dreamy doctor fiancé Paul Song this past weekend in Los Angeles reports People. The pair, who have been dating for about a year, married in front of more than 550 of their closest friends. ... Singer and Missy Elliot protégé Ciara will star in the film adaptation of the off-Broadway play "Mama, I Want to Sing." Proceeds from the film will benefit a non-profit education program that works to preserve the gospel arts.