Robot Recognizes Faces, Charms Children

5/29/2007 1:35 PM PDT

Robot Recognizes Faces, Charms Children

Korea isn't happy with Japan's robot dominance.

In order to steal the robot-loving hearts of children everywhere, Korea's KornTech created the 3' robot, Rogun, which will not only entertain its human masters with a 7" LCD screen and the ability to walk on two feet -- it will alert its owners to an intruder -- via cell phone! Rogun will surely replace Fido. If our Korean-to-TMZ translation is correct, Rogun will only set you back $1 million.

Rogun's crowning achievement is its use of high-end face-tracking software to recognize the whole family. With all these improvements to wow the kids, don't be surprised when your spawn become pawns in the upcoming robot uprising.

You have been warned.