Paris' Final Days of Freedom

6/4/2007 3:10 AM PDT

Paris' Final Days of Freedom

Paris had one wild weekend -- hitting up all the Hilton hotspots before turning herself in for a 23-day jail sentence.

Ms. Hilton was everywhere and the paparazzi followed her wherever she went. Family dinner at Mr. Chow -- check. Night out at Parc with sister Nicky -- check. Workout at Crunch Gym -- check.

The jailbird even had an impromptu photo shoot at the Coffee Bean where, decked out in a floral dress and an oversized sun hat, a mocha-holding Paris struck poses as photogs complimented her every move.

Unfortunately for Paris, no sun hats allowed at Lynwood, where the wardrobe consists of an orange jumpsuit ... and the food there -- let's just say there's no chicken dumplings on the menu.