The Hedgehog Is a Dingo

6/6/2007 3:01 PM PDT

The Hedgehog is a Dingo

Ron Jeremy, 54-years-old and growing more portly each day, still manages to score with twenty-something chicks. For those unfamiliar, the term commonly associated with a male "cougar" is a "dingo."

TMZ spotted "The Hedgehog" last night at Les Deux, where the star of "Anal Princess Diaries 2" and "The Texas Dildo Masquerade" was flirting with a group of females -- with one lucky 26-year-old hanging on and giving the porn star a few pecks on the cheek.

"Superman Returns" star Brandon Routh was out with fiancee Courtney Ford at Il Sole, where he said another "Superman" flick is definitely happening. Also getting some Sole food; comedian George Carlin, who didn't want to be seen looking like "a bum."

Also spotted: Kelly Clarkson, David Spade and Mark McGrath at Koi -- and a generous Cris Judd (remember him, J.Lo?) in today's kiss-my-Kryptonite edition of Star Catcher.