Sizemore's Camp: "Judge is a Prick"

6/7/2007 1:05 PM PDT

Sizemore's Camp: "Judge is a Prick"

Unlike the other jailbird of the day, celeb turned convict Tom Sizemore is expecting more than a three-day stay. As in years, not days.

Sources inside the Sizemore camp say they fear the "Saving Private Ryan" star will "have no chance in court" and will most likely end up with "a very long prison term," calling the judge in the case, "a real prick."

Will facing a long stretch up the river (and mounting legal bills) cause Sizemore to finally reveal what he has long threatened to release - former girlfriend Heidi Fleiss' "little black book" and the secrets within - in a bid for a final payday before the penitentiary?

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