"We Love Paris" Banner a "Dirty, Sexy" Publicity Stunt?

6/8/2007 1:00 PM PDT

"We Love Paris" Banner a "Dirty, Sexy" Publicity Stunt?

A mysterious plane has been circling above Paris HIlton's West Hollywood home bearing the message, "We Love Paris, The Darling Family." WTF?

TMZ has it figured out, we think. "The Darling Family" is the rich, dysfunctional family at the center of a new ABC dramedy coming this fall called "Dirty Sexy Money." Could this be a publicity stunt for that show? A full-page ad showed up with the same message in the New York Post this morning.

Another theory, less credible, is that the Darling Family is the family from the Peter Pan stories ... and, of course, Paris' dog is called Tinkerbell.

ABC didn't immediately return calls seeking comment.