Did Judge Larry Trash Anna Nicole's X-Rays?

6/15/2007 12:32 PM PDT

Did Judge Larry Trash Anna Nicole's X-Rays?

Some dumpster-diving at Judge Larry Seidlin's condo building has turned up a mysterious envelope marked "X-Rays," addressed to none other than Anna Nicole Smith.

The envelope was discovered by a maintenance worker in a trash room in late March, reports the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, about a month after Seidlin ruled in Anna's case. It was addressed to Anna at a Hollywood post office in care of Howard K. Stern, and the sender was, according to a condo association attorney, a Dr. Robert Kellum.

We checked, and a Dr. Robert Kellum is cited as the author of a book and several articles on plastic surgery.

Judge Seidlin "has no idea how it wound up there, if it did," says lawyer David Bogenschutz, who has talked to the Judge.