Paris' Next Hot Haunt -- The Lynwood Lounge

6/15/2007 4:20 PM PDT

Paris' Next Hot Haunt -- The Lynwood Lounge

You may never see the inside of some of Paris Hilton's favorite L.A. hangouts, so savor this -- it's the glamorous Lounge 2600, where inmates at the Century Regional Detention Center go to chill! Hot!

No banquettes for Paris to dance on, but there is a balcony for her to gaze down upon her captive public. And the exquisitely coordinated color scheme -- chairs, columns, doors -- gives special meaning to the queasy shade of Institutional Green. The mod, rounded chair design adds a little Sixties chic to the place, and leaves no sharp edges for those pesky bitchfights!

Although it's just so 2004, the wardens even brought the bar-bed craze to Lynwood, with bunks right there in the common area. Comfy -- and three-to-a-bed cozy.

Now, if Paris will only get herself out of solitary!