Albuquerque!!! -- Paris is on Larry King

6/23/2007 5:20 PM PDT

Albuquerque!!! -- Paris is on Larry King

TMZ has learned Paris Hilton will make her post-jail appearance on "Larry King Live" Wednesday night with the King himself.

We are told Hilton will appear in-studio for the entire hour of the show. It's a major coup following the NBC debacle yesterday.

This Monday, TMZ's Harvey Levin will guest-host for King. His guests include Hilton's lawyer, Richard Hutton, and an official from the L.A. County Sheriff's Department.

UPDATE (3:45 PM PT) -- Paris HIlton has just released this statement:

"I am thrilled that Larry King has asked me to appear on his program to discuss my experience in jail, what I have learned, how I have grown and anything else he wants to talk about. Larry King is not only a world-renown journalist, but a true American Icon. It will be an honor to do his show."