Chris Benoit Lives on ... at Target

7/3/2007 4:54 PM PDT

Chris Benoit Lives on ... at Target

A loyal TMZ reader has informed us that all merchandise related to the dead wrestler has been pulled from the WWE website, you can still find Chris Benoit (or at least his action figure) at your local Target store.

Even more unbelievable, we found this little gem on the toy aisle at a Target in Atlanta, which is less than fifty miles from where the murders/suicide took place. Note the toy's now-prophetic title: "Micro Aggression." Eek.

The toy set comes complete with the evil Kane, the Undertaker (insert bad taste joke here), and alleged double murderer Benoit. Steroids not included.

Calls to Target reps have not been returned.

As we mentioned, this story came from an anonymous source. If you are inside the wresting community with a real story to tell, email us. All information will be completely confidential.