Shauna Sand Walks the Streets

7/11/2007 1:54 PM PDT

Shauna Sand Walks the Streets

Dressed in her best Hustler Store ensemble, Lorenzo Lamas' ex Shauna Sand nabbed herself a 20-something trophy from an ESPY Awards pre-party. Cougariffic!

Busting out of her heinous pink pleather bustier, Sand, 35, and her younger and hotter companion left Teddy's together last night, Shauna walking as quickly as she could in her 5-inch clear plastic heels.

When asked by photogs which athlete she was excited to see last night, Sands responded, "This one." No word on if he scored.

UPDATE: Shauna's date is not an athlete, but "The Covenant" and "Gossip Girl" stud Chace Crawford ... guess they didn't talk that much.