Lohan Chase -- You've Got the Wrong Chick

7/24/2007 3:01 PM PDT

Lohan Chase -- You've Got the Wrong Chick

While other outlets are reporting that it was Lindsay's longtime assistant, Jenni Muro, who was involved in the late-night chase and arrest, TMZ has exclusively learned that Jenni was NOT involved in the incident, and furthermore, she was not even present at the time of Lindsay's arrest. Jenni, in fact, only learned of the arrest this morning.

TMZ has learned that it was Lindsay's second assistant who was on the scene, and from what our sources tell us, she had been relieved of her duties last night -- exactly why, we're not sure.

According to our sources, Muro has been a good friend and companion to Lohan for a long time, and is a "lovely girl."

Lindsay's rep told TMZ, "Please leave Jenni alone. She is a private citizen."