Prince von A-Hole Naked in His Rolls

7/30/2007 6:14 PM PDT

Prince von A-Hole Naked in His Rolls

Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband, the wacky Freddy von Anhalt, 64, was photographed after a trio of women robbers (he says) pulled up next to him, asked for a photo, but instead robbed him at gunpoint and left him naked and cuffed to his Rolls-Royce. Don't ya just hate when that happens?

The imbecilic 9th husband of 90-year-old Zsa Zsa previously injected himself into the national news by claiming to be the father of Dannielynn Birkhead, saying that he had an affair with the late Anna Nicole Smith. No one has corroborated that alleged liaison. There were also no witnesses to the "robbery."
The wackadoodle Prince has been involved in a feud with Gabor's beleaguered daughter, Francesca Hilton. A Santa Monica Judge fined Zsa Zsa $3,800 for not showing up in court the other day, in a suit said to be instigated by the Prince, claiming that Francesca forged Gabor's signature to take out a $2 million loan with Gabor's Bel Air home as collateral. The Prince said Zsa Zsa will no longer appear in public. According to sources, he also has no interest in the Bel Air mansion because of a prenup with the former Miss Hungary of 1936. The matter will now go to trial on September 14.

Francesca's rep, PR maven Ed Lozzi, told TMZ that Zsa Zsa still talks to her daughter every day. Francesca said (through Lozzi) that when Zsa Zsa called to tell her about "the robbery," she told her daughter, "Dahlink, Frederick first said it was three aliens, but I told him to say it was three humans, because people would think he was crazy."

Sources say that video surveillance tapes of Bellagio Road are being reviewed, and that a major publication is asking the D.A. to investigate the "robbery." Filing a false police report is a misdemeanor.