A Rolling Doherty Gathers No Moss

7/31/2007 12:25 PM PDT

A Rolling Doherty Gathers No Moss

Disastrous Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty is so desperate to win back his ex-fiancee/model citizen Kate Moss, he's taken to making a public plea for her love in Brit tabloid the Daily Mirror -- the same mag that lambasted the wacked-out couple during Kate's 2005 cocaine scandal.

Said dopey Doherty in the interview, "F**king hell man, why does she read the Daily Mirror anyway? She moans all the time about the f**king paparazzi then first thing in the morning she's got to buy your paper."

Moss unceremoniously kicked Pete to the curb in early July, after he allegedly cheated on her with another catwalk walker. But pathetic Pete's still got it bad for Moss. "I like the way she walks and talks. I love her bones. I love her brain," said doddering Doherty in Seussical rhythm.

Just days after getting the heave-ho from Moss, Doherty proposed to a Parisian artist named Christine. He's set to wed her in November, but swears that "I love [Kate] with all my heart."