Everybody's Screwed in The Hoff's Divorce

8/16/2007 8:36 PM PDT

Everybody's Screwed in The Hoff's Divorce

Divorce is a costly business. David Hasselhoff's lawyers revealed today their client is on the hook for $565,000 in lawyers fees for his ex-wife ... and it ain't over yet.

Get this: Debra Opri -- the lawyer who repped Larry Birkhead -- showed up today and alleged sabotage! Opri was the lawyer for David's ex, Pamela Bach, for just under two months -- before Bach fired her. Opri claims her lawyer's bill has gone unpaid. The bill: $200,000!

Opri claimed the Hoff's lawyer, Mel Goldsman, offered $50,000 to Mark Vincent Kaplan, the lawyer who replaced her, to convince Pamela not to pay Opri's bill. If you're following, Kaplan currently reps Fed-Ex.

And now for our favorite part. Apparently, the Hoff is sick and tired of paying Pam spousal support. So today the Hoff's lawyer asked the judge to order that Pamela to take a vocational exam, to determine if she has any workable skills.