Littler Star Doesn't Twinkle in Big Return

8/20/2007 6:19 PM PDT

Littler Star Doesn't Twinkle in Big Return

For a woman who made her name in TV by being sassy, Star Jones sure kept things somber in her hyped return to television.

Jones' eponymous Court TV series began with an awkwardly Hot Topics-esque roundtable called "The Wrap Sheet" and an interview with verbal diarrhea-ist Isaiah Washington, in which even Isaiah didn't quite muster the energy to answer Star's questions. Advertisers also got into the lack of rhythm of things, with long, languorous ads from Cholest-Off and ScalpMed chewing up time.

Star did take one chance -- in her cri de Star "Open Letter" segment -- to take a wee dig at former boss Barbara Walters. Star said that she kept her mouth shut, uncharacteristically, after her firing from "The View" because she didn't want to engage in an "undignified she says, she says." Giddy-up, Babwa!

There was conspicuously little mention of gastric bypass surgery, Rosie O'Donnell or fabuhubby Al Reynolds. Somewhere, Oprah isn't shaking in her Christian Louboutin boots.