Lindsay Cops Plea! -- She'll Do Time

8/23/2007 6:05 PM PDT

Lindsay Cops Plea! -- She'll Do Time

Lindsay Lohan will not stand trial for DUI -- but she'll do a teeny tiny amount of jail time.

She just struck a deal by pleading no contest to two counts of DUI (driving with a .08 blood alcohol level or higher). By law, Lohan becomes a second offender (with two DUIs) and must serve a minimum of four days in jail. But the judge cut that in half by ordering her to perform 10 days of community service in lieu of two of the days. He also gave Lindsay one day credit for time served when she was busted. That means she gets a grand total of one day in jail.

Lohan also pleaded guilty to two counts of being under the influence of a controlled substance (two separate incidents) -- both misdemeanors. She also pleaded no contest to reckless driving.

The judge said Lohan will serve 36 months probation and attend an alcohol education program for 18 months.

As to the controlled substance plea, Lohan was ordered not to use controlled substances. She's also required to enroll in a drug program. She's also required to stay for an unspecified amount of time at the Utah facility where she's currently in rehab.

Lohan was also ordered "not to associate with people with controlled substances."

On January 18, Lohan must show she's successfully completed rehab.