Things One Can Do In 82 Minutes

8/25/2007 10:55 AM PDT

Things One Can Do in 82 Minutes

After Nicole Richie's short jail stint on Thursday (if you can even call it that), we got to thinking -- what could one do in 82 minutes or less?

Here's our list. Post yours in comments!

-Listen to the Lionel Richie album "Dancing on the Ceiling": 47 minutes

-Watch the DVD of "Cops: Bad Girls": 50 minutes

-Check out Lindsay Lohan in "I Know Who Killed Me": Yes, it's 104 minutes, but who can sit through the whole thing?

-Successively microwave 10 Stouffer's Country Fried Beef Steaks: 8 minutes each

-Enjoy "Pocahontas" with your children: 81 minutes

-Perform a laparoscopic appendectomy: 60 minutes

-Eat 66 Nathan's hot dogs: 12 minutes (Joey Chestnut only)

-Blink 9,840 times: 82 minutes