Vegas Cops: We're Talking to OJ

9/14/2007 4:23 PM PDT

Vegas Cops: We're Talking to OJ

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department just confirmed TMZ's report that they are looking into OJ Simpson's involvement in an alleged armed burglary at a Vegas hotel.

The LVMPD says OJ is cooperating with their investigation, is not in custody and is not under arrest.

The police also confirm that weapons were involved, but none have been recovered as of yet.

OJ claims he was running his own personal "sting" operation, and went into the hotel room to get back things he says are his.
In a funny "oops I can't believe he said that moment," Capt. James Dillon accidentally uttered the phrase, "The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is very committed and very focused on conducting a thorough, biased and competent investigation."

Whoops! Freudian slip, perhaps?

Story developing ...



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