Goldberg to Paps: Can I Get a Witness?

9/26/2007 7:27 PM PDT

Goldberg to Paps: Can I Get a Witness?

Celebrities may have a combative relationship with the paparazzi most of the time, but on occasion they can come in handy. Just ask the buff and tatted Adam Goldberg.

The sometimes "Entourage" guest star was shopping in Hollywood when he returned to his ride and found a parking ticket. Baffled, Adam went to investigate. "There was 22 minutes in the meter," he explained as he walked over to check it out. He then turned to the photog, "I want documentation of this."

Sure enough, the meter read "00:07" -- seven minutes still left! Adam joked to the photog, "I'm actually going to go to court and contest this and then what I am going to do, call you now?"

Sure enough, Adam took the pap's card and might even call on him to testify! Sometimes it helps to have people documenting your every move.