Jessica Biel Causes Gender War at TMZ

9/27/2007 5:30 PM PDT

Jessica Biel Causes Gender War at TMZ

Okay, this pic of Jessica Biel at JFK yesterday is not the actress at her finest. But that's not really at issue here.

As the photo got passed around the TMZ newsroom this morning, a "Is Jessica Biel hot?" debate erupted among staffers, with battle lines clearly drawn between the men and the women.

Cries of "Not cute!" filled the office, while males shot back, "That is a ridiculous statement!" The beauty (or not) of Miss Biel has been so divisive, that the first annual TMZ Enchantment Under the Sea dance has been canceled.

So we need you, the XX and XY readers of TMZ to weigh in, and solve this for us. This poll is highly scientific, and results will be definitive. Please don't screw it up.