David Hasselhoff Relapses and Is Hospitalized

10/9/2007 7:10 PM PDT

David Hasselhoff Relapses and Is Hospitalized

TMZ has confirmed that David Hasselhoff has been hospitalized, as first reported by the National Enquirer.

Rep Judy Katz tells us that the Hoff did have a relapse and is in the hospital, but is doing fine. In an exclusive statement, Katz tells us "David had a brief relapse and immediately recognized the importance of addressing it with the assistance of his doctors. He is doing fine and will be back home in the morning".

As for how this will affect his custody case, sources say the children had been in ex-wife Pamela Bach's care for the last six weeks as he's been out of the country in Romania shooting "Anaconda 3."

We're told mediation is scheduled for Thursday.

We last saw the Hoff last Thursday night, outside of Koi with one of his daughters.