Nancy Grace is Really Confused

10/17/2007 2:22 PM PDT

Nancy Grace is Really Confused

Bumptious TV griller Nancy Grace can't get her Britneys straight! During Grace's kvetchfest on CNN's Headline News, she implied (her rep says jokingly) that Britney showed up at Van Nuys Jail on Monday while wearing a pink wig and carrying her little dog. Not true! Cameras caught Britney arriving at the jail wearing her brunette weave!

Britney had delighted paparazzi earlier that evening when she drove around in a pink wig and kissed her little doggie. Britz then changed outfits -- losing the pink wig before heading over to Van Nuys LAPD to be booked on a misdemeanor hit and run charge.

Nancy even had the chutzpah to ask Britney's lawyer, J. Michael Flanagan, if the dog was with Brit when she said cheese for the cops! Grace under pressure?