Brad Garrett Swings at TMZ -- Again!

10/18/2007 12:19 PM PDT

Brad Garrett Swings at TMZ -- Again!

Brad Garrett bitchslapped a TMZ photog back in August, after taking out some frustration on the wrong guy -- and yesterday went on TV to actually defend his hit.

Garrett was on "Good Day L.A.," where he slammed TMZ by saying, "They're not journalists" -- and that he was "ambushed" while on a date at Nobu. Garrett also said he hit a man wearing a turban. That was not the case. The guy he actually hit was our turban-less cameraman!

What Garrett failed to mention were the alleged racial slurs behind the incident. On the night of the slapping, one of the photogs in front Nobu told Brad that he was offended by remarks Brad made toward black people. Obviously upset by the question, Brad turned and hit our guy -- who hadn't said a word the entire night.

Dorothy Lucey rallied support for Harvey Levin though, and said, "He's an investigative reporter, he's the only one left in television news." Thanks, Dorothy!