Sock from Foot Run Over by Brit: Sold!

10/28/2007 10:30 AM PDT

Sock from Foot Run Over by Brit: Sold!

Hey y'all -- it's gone! The lucky winner is Leo Freedman of, who will receive the tire-tracked sock worn by TMZ cameraman Rick, when Britney Spears ran over his foot in her Pumpkinmobile Benz -- and TMZ is donating the $585 to the Children's Defense Fund, in her honor! Leo said, "Our goal is to support a good cause and make people smile at the same time."

This is the most infamous sock in the history of hosiery. Few, in fact, no other cotton sock has achieved so much notoriety in such a short time. The only other white cotton sock so close to greatness was worn on the, ahem, nether regions, of Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Keidis -- and has been lost to history.

Now this sock will be preserved by the winning bidder -- for all eternity, or approximately 50 washings. TMZ, saving the world, one filthy sock at a time.

Special thanks to the swell peeps at for handling this auction for us.