Brit & K-Fed -- A Tale of Two Bank Accounts

11/1/2007 8:43 PM PDT

Brit & K-Fed -- A Tale of Two Bank Accounts

TMZ has obtained documents from the Brit/K-Fed divorce, and it's pretty interesting to see who has jack and who spends it.

TMZ first reported Brit earns an average of $737,868 per month. Here's how the popwreck spends some of that cash.

The financials, she submitted in May, 2007, show Spears spent an average of $102,000 a month on entertainment, gifts and vacations. K-Fed spent 5 grand a month on entertainment and the like.

Brit dropped 16K a month on clothes, K-Fed spends $2,000.

K-Fed spent $3,000 a month on insurance, including car and life. Brit spent $785 a month. K-Fed spent zippo on charity -- Britney, who operates the Britney Spears Foundation, contributed $500 a month.

Brit spent $10,250 a month on utilities -- gas, electric, water and trash (no, not her boyfriends). Poor K-Fed spent $650.

Britney's mortgage -- $49,267. K-Fed's rent (at the time he didn't own a home) was $7,500.

K-Fed, got $20,000 a month for child support, but we've learned that amount went down to $15,000 a month. That, however, could change now that he has sole physical custody. K-Fed dropped $2,500 a month on child care. Britney spent $6,000 for the same.

By the way, as we first reported, K-Fed is getting $20,000 a month in spousal support, but that runs out in two weeks.

BTW, both spent a big zero on education.