Hatcher Fires Back at "Outrageous" Lawsuit

12/5/2007 6:43 PM PST

Hatcher Fires Back at "Outrageous" Lawsuit

A day after being sued by a skin care company for allegedly breaking her contract, Teri Hatcher is calling out the company's mismanagement and threatening legal action of her own.

Hatcher's legal reps issued a statement today that reads:

"The allegations of this lawsuit are totally false and completely without merit. Despite having to deal with a frustrating series of changes in the ownership and management of Hydroderm over the last several years, Teri Hatcher has more than fully complied with all of her contractual obligations over the course of the relationship. Clearly, Hydroderm has embarked on this unjustified and public assault on Teri Hatcher's name, reputation and celebrity in a transparent effort to distract from its own failure to live up to its end of the agreement. Ms. Hatcher will respond swiftly and decisively by appropriate legal means to recover everything she is owed under her contract, as well as compensatory and punitive damages for Hydroderm's outrageous accusations; however, she will not litigate this matter in the press, as Hydroderm apparently seeks to do."

The company is looking to recoup the $2.4 mil they paid Hatcher, plus $400,000 in additional expenses.