Judge to "Idol's" Sierra -- Shut the F*** Up!

1/10/2008 2:55 PM PST

Judge to "Idol's" Sierra -- Shut the F*** Up!

Fallen "Idol" Jessica Sierra can add a Florida judge to the people she's pissed off since she was busted last month for fightin' a cop and raisin' hell.

The Florida judge sprung her loose last Monday, on condition that Jessica go back to Dr. Drew's rehab clinic in California and that she stay the hell away from television cameras.

So what does the "A.I." loser do? She leaves the courtroom and holds a news conference -- in front of TV cameras. And you thought Kellie Pickler was dumb.

Today the judge ripped Jessica a new one, saying, "Those mics are like a magnet to you, so I tell you what -- you're not allowed within 100 yards of a mic or a TV camera."

Pretty funny, since the judge allowed TV cameras in his courtroom.