New O.J. Book Borders on Sick

2/28/2008 2:34 PM PST

New O.J. Book Borders on Sick

OJ Simpson's legal troubles have turned into a cash register for a member of his former posse.

We've learned Thomas Riccio, the sports memorabilia dealer who may have double-dealt and orchestrated the confrontation that led to robbery charges, has made a book deal. The book, titled "Busted," is Riccio's sleaze-a-zoid account of what went down in the Vegas hotel room and all the stuff before and after.

Riccio's making a nice living off O.J.'s latest heist. We know he was paid $70,000 during his "media tour" following the arrest, in return for mentioning a website called during his shameless appearances.

And, of course, Riccio peddled the audiotape of the hotel confrontation to ... oh yeah, us.

His book is due out in April. We're thinkin' he'll probably ask for donations before page 40.