Chikezie Has Major Baggage in Past

3/5/2008 4:45 PM PST

Chikezie Has Major Baggage in Past

Chikezie didn't score with Simon last night, but he was a big hit at Terminal 4 at LAX.

We've turned up pictures of Chikizzle when he was working at the Transportation Security Administration at the Los Angeles International Airport, where he was a baggage screener.

Chikizzle was a member of the TSA Choir, which performed at TSA functions (who knew!). Turns out the manager at Terminal 4 was an even bigger star than Chikizzle. The manager played backup keyboard for Santana in the 60's.

Here's what worries us. Chikizzle had an iPizzle in his ear while he screened luggage for bombs, but everyone says he was a great employee.