Brit to Lawyers: Dang, Stop Dinging Me With Fees

3/7/2008 1:54 PM PST

Brit to Lawyers: Dang, Stop Dinging Me With Fees

TMZ has learned Britney Spears' conservators are ballistic over the legal bills she is being asked to pay in her custody fight -- bills totaling more than a million bucks for a five-month period.

Sources tell us the conservators have filed documents with the court and will appear on Monday, challenging lawyers' fees in the case. K-Daddy's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, has asked for around $500,000 for the five-month period from October 2007 through February 2008 and has filed papers demanding that Brit pay his bill. The court has ordered Brit to pay K-Fed's reasonable attorney's fees.

We're told Brit's last law firm, Trope and Trope, has billed her more than $600,000.

Sources say the conservators feel they're being fleeced and the bills are inflated. In particular, they're upset that multiple lawyers on Brit's side have attended various court hearings -- they say unnecessarily. The conservators will argue this is a simple custody case and bills of that magnitude are simply outrageous.